Friday, March 4, 2011

Arnold Classic

Team Rogue and team Again Faster
Fran, Cindy, Elizabeth, King Kong
Stones, o-course, Arnold
...need I say more

Day 257

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  1. Dave, are you planning on competing in the open? I've been looking for your results but I haven't seen anything yet :( Any plans to compete this year?

  2. Hey Dave we are missing you out here in CA. I hope all is going well for your new position with Reebok and US Cross Fit. Keep up the good work.
    I am creating a new web site for Cross Fit athletes which will feature your video testimonial about how I helped enhance your performance to keep your lifting goals and quest to honor Amanda. I will send you a link for my web site when it is ready. Gene Metcalf Encinitas, CA

  3. i think it's inspiring and incredibly awesome that you're dedicating your hard work to amanda miller.