Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I AM DONE SQUATTING. 365 days are complete. Boy I need a rest. Thank you for all the support. We donated thousands of dollars to the American Melanoma foundation in Amanda's name. I saw people all around the country with her tee shirt on. On to a new challenge. I hope more people can draw inspiration from her.


  1. Dude, congrats. I have recently taken heavily to squats following a modified Starting Strength program. Squats are just brutally hard, and I am only doing them every other day. I can't imagine getting under 450 EVERY FREAKING DAY. Well, not yet at least . . .

    And then with the whole Reebok thing, crazy you can stay that focused.

    Idea for you next challenge. Run as many miles as you are old on your next birthday. I just did 30 on my 30th and with minimal running training.

  2. I just came across this. I am currently training with a CrossFit trainer to be able to run a 5K in what I hope to be in Honor of my brother who has metastasized melanoma. I'm doing all I can for Melanoma Research. It's not just cancer on the skin...it can spread to other organs which so many people don't know.

  3. Great job. Congrats on 365! I'm doing a 365 challenge, too...365 days of CrossFit WODs and craft beers..let me know what you think. Itsbetterwithbeer.com

  4. Did you make any progress on your squat?