Friday, September 10, 2010

How I defeated Rob Orlando this week and why it may or may not effect him for the rest of his life

This week was awesome! I was on a road trip training montage up the California coast with Rob Orlando, David Millar, Dave Castro and master producer Sevan as we stopped and had throw downs with monsters such as Kristin Clever, Jason Khalipa Joey Warren, JC Nessa, and Bill "that guys pretty good" Grundler. We hit over 10 workouts in 4 days including a killer met con at the ufc's famous trainer, John Hakkleman's house, and even tossed it around in the ring with some of his fighters. We had a nice blend of workouts ranging from bar muscle ups to 185 lb snatches for reps. We ran the great hill in aromas with sandbags, 2 rep max ohs, 500lb wheelbarrow uphill races, 110 lb d-ball throws for 100 yards, and a killer east coast vs. West coast team chipper at the end. And by the way also back squatting every day. Of the 10 workouts I had 3 first place finishes and 3 last place if we are going by victories alone, I took the crown on this trip. Unfortunately Crossfit isn't about being dominant in some things and average in others, but performing very good at everything. So by that standard I would have to give the crown to Rob, but I just like antagonizing him. This trip was unbelievable, with some sick workout times and people ripping through workouts, finishing within inches of each other. All and all a great workout adventure and bonding experience with the bros.

Day 95
185 lb snatch x5
185 lb walking lunge 10 steps
3 rounds
Then 20 burpees with a touch



Day 96
225 backsquats 20 reps
5 rope climbs
30 box jumps
1k row
20 tire flip jumps


Metcon 2
2 pod swing x20
50 du
Dolly walk 70 ft
20 bodyweight jerks
Bearcrawl 70 ft


Metcon 3
135 snatch
40" box jump


Metcon 4
205 power clean
100 meter sprint
6 rounds every 1:30

Day 97

Uphill 500lb wheelbarrow 100 yards
100 du
100 sledge hammer hits with 40 lb hammer
110 lb d-ball uphill throw 100 yards

Metcon 2
Fight ufc fighters

Metcon 3
20 ghd wall balls
30 pushup
40 barbell ohs
50 pull ups


Day 98

400 meter sandbag run
10 mu
400 meter run

Test 2
2 rep max ohs
315 lbs

Team chipper
2 man team does
20 power clean
40 burpees
20 thrusters 155lbs
40 box jump
20 hspu
40 wall ball


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  1. I'm jaleous about stuff like that... Too bad the community isn't that big in Europe (yet!)

  2. Hey man, just found this site from KStar's MWOD, it has some great information. Keep up the squats.

  3. Dave,

    I really respect what you are trying to do. The squatting is a staggering challenge and i applaud you for your effort and determination. My grandmother has been battling melanoma for over a year now and my father has fought basal cell carcinomas, and is at risk for skin cancer. raising awareness about skin cancer is the only way to fight it! keep up the good work, i will be following your progress closely, and good luck!

  4. Just found this site- great stuff.
    I am a big fan of squatting and the benefits.
    I find it hard to believe anyone squatting heavy every day but am intrigued

    I did not see your rep count on squats

    what percent of your 1 rep max

    if I squat heavy twice weekly can I go to three or four. I am a conditoned athlete

    I look forward to reading more thnx

  5. Thanks for the support. I get a ton of encouraging messages from people who have been effected by cancer and it really feeds my drive to do this. If the squat weight is just a number then it is a single. I mostly do singles to make the volume more sustainable. I would think that slowly increasing your squatting volume is not out of the question. This is a very extreme program. I had been training heavy for many years.

  6. Hey Dave, I follow Crossfit Football in my basement gym, and I was wondering if you might have any insight as to how I could include strongman movements into my WODs without messing with the programming?

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