Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Romain Lettuce Feddish

Many people are curious about my diet while training on this program. Nutrition is truly the foundation of your fitness, the gas that fuels your instrument. I will not bore you with explanations of the paleo and zone diets. Most of you know how those work and I agree with them. I am just touching on something that has been working for me lately...romain lettuce. I eat romain lettuce like an animal. Somewhere along the lines of 6 heads a day. I don't particularly enjoy greens, this is the one vegetable I can eat for days. I hold the head like a chicken bone, dip it in some olive oil and pepper, and go to town. It's neat, it fills me up, and it looks pretty bad ass crushing heads of lettuce and meat.

Day 42

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  1. Hahaha.... glad I am not alone eating romaine lettuce like a caveman. Even though my roommates look at me like I am insane!!