Thursday, June 17, 2010

Constantly Varied?

I get a wide range of responses to what I am doing here. Some people think it's awesome and really support the effort and cause I am committing myself to. Some folks are completely opposed so much that they waive their arm and say: " Bahh! Bahh! Bahh! You squat every day! You can't do that! I hate you!" Listen this is exercise, not religion. You don't have to subscribe to one way of thinking. Having said that, I realize that this is not exactly main stream programming. Most strength and conditioning coaches in the world (including myself) would tell you that you need to rest and recover, you can't lift every day. But this is a personal challenge to go beyond myself or what "the rules" may be, for a special girl and a good cause. The program is risky and I know it. I certainly don't recommend that anyone else try it. Most coaches are intrigued and say things like " Yeh, let me know how that turns out for ya", with a hidden smirk. My friend EC Synokowski from the HQ Cert Staff made a point that I would like to touch on. Her reaction was "Wow that sounds incredible, but not really sure that it falls into the constantly varied format." This was said in that sarcastic EC humor that we all love. But she is right. Backsquatting 450lbs or more every day is not constanly varied. In fact it is about as far from constanly varied as you can get. So how can I still call myself a crossfitter? Listen we all know we fail at the margins of our experience. I do not expect to just backsquat every day and call myself a rounded athlete. Rather I want to use this program as a compliment to my crossfit training and hopefully not break down or overtrain. I want to make squatting as natural as breathing or brushing my teeth in the morining, without making my experiences exclusive to my one rep a day. I would love it if I could get to the point were I get out of bed, do my squat, and go about my day. But this will take some time to acclimate my body to that level of readiness. As of right now I feel like it is becoming easier and easier every day to do that rep with less warmup or mental prep. And I just pr'd my overhead squat by about 30 lbs today. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Day 22

Overhead squat: 285,304,315(pr),330(f),330(f),330!(pr)

5 Burpees

5 min for rounds:

12 rounds

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