Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting more perspective

In 1956 Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye published the famous "General Adaptation Syndrome" in various medical journals. This theory stated the an organism will dynamically adapt to the stressors placed upon it. One of my mantras as a trainer is that the body will adapt to the demand that you place on it, therefore trainers are merely the prescribers of stimulus to elicit favorable physiological and neuromuscular adaptations.

But how much is too much? How do we find the finess to push the limits of these demands without overtraining or breaking down? I believe most people never come close to their physical limits due to this particular art ie. too much too soon or never enough to break through mental blocks or fears. This is precisely the challenge of the squat every day program. I am trying to listen to my body while at the same time shutting off my fears and apprehensions of getting under another heavy load again, despite how my body feels.

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Day 15:
Backsquat 135x5
4 reps of 155lbs deadlift, hang clean, push jerk for three rounds through the complex
400 meter run

3 rounds for time: 8:25

I feel ok today. About 85% and the metcon was a breath of fresh air. Thanks Rob.

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