Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Programming in the " Is This Awesome?" technique

My roommate Kelly here in nyc told me about how a fellow college strength and conditioning coach likes to program..."He uses the IS THIS AWESOME? technique." It is very simple: he looks at his workouts and asks himself, is this workout awesome? If your first reaction to seeing the movement is: "that's fuckin awesome" then it probably is awesome. Is backsquating a ton of weight and sprinting up hills awesome?...Yes it is. Is doing ab crunches on a bosu ball and riding a recumbent bike awesome?...No it is not. It seems so simple yet so brilliant, but I can't deny that it isn't true.

So you tell me...is this awesome?

Day 19
3 500lb backsquats
6 500lb deadlift
5 250lb thrusters
2k Row (felt like I was dying)


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  1. Hey Dave,

    I met you briefly at Regionals this year. I was amongst the crazy CF Tribe group and am a friend of Denise :) She sent me to this site, so I wanted to say hey and I love what you're doing here. It's really original and a great read. Also, you're back squatting me x4 and I find that rather intimidating. Haha.

  2. Hey Thanks alot for looking Meghan! I'm trying to get as many people to follow it as possible. Take a look at the skin cancer facts. It's important for young people like us to be aware and remember Amanda.

  3. You are so funny! Keep it up!